Tommy McCarthy won’t let Funny Business get in the way of World title dream

tommy maccarthy [19(10)-4(2)] he is happy to carry on the fun business as he pursues the ultimate dream of becoming a world champion.

McCarthy fell into comedy over the summer and has shown just as much talent for making people laugh as he has for beating up wrestlers.

He hasn’t traded punching for finishing but is happy to offer both at the right times to move forward.

The 31-year-old boxer told that becoming a world champion is still dream number 1, but there is still room in his life to stand up.

“Boxing is my ultimate dream, my lifelong quest to be a champion, but I don’t put myself in a box,” he said.

“Anything, I want to try, whether it’s acting, music and even stand up,” he adds before explaining how he found himself on some high-profile comedy bills posting a podcast invite from Paddy McDonnell.

“I did it and it came out great, Paddy McDonnell was leading the show and said, ‘Tommy, that was great, do you want to do the Fiele?’ He put me on the Fiele program and has taken me under his victory, putting me on programs. He is doing well. I did five minutes the first time, I’m up to 10 minutes now. I’ve done Belfast Feile, Derry Feile.”

The fighter, who provides main support for Eric Donovan and his EU title fight next Saturday, has enjoyed his time on stage and may explore other performing arts when he retires.

“I’m enjoying it. It’s just another outlet.”

“I never grew up wanting to be a stand-up comic. I always saw it and I’m a big fan, but I saw myself in a standup. I was godfather to my cousin Stephen and I gave the speech and everyone was nervous and a year later I was godfather to Tyrone McKenna and everyone was upset and I was like ‘you know what I think I could do this’. I wasn’t sure, but now that I’ve tried it and liked it, I feel like I could do well. It could lead to acting or other things, so I just keep an open mind.”

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