Sling offering a month-long promotion for half the price

Honda half the price

Sling has a new offer that makes its extras and add-ons half their usual price. Plus, the total TV deal, which provides access to all the extras offered by Sling, is just $10.50.

Everything from sports and comedy packages to Hollywood lifestyle and add-ons are half price. This agreement only lasts one month. Also, it only applies to new users. However, if there was ever a time to switch to Sling Blue, Orange, or a combination of the two, now is the time.

Finally, Sling’s basic plans are also half off the first month. For reference, Sling Blue and Sling Orange typically cost $35 a month. However, new subscribers can pay half of that, $17.50, for their first month. The same applies to the Sling Orange & Blue fare. Traditionally, that’s $50 per month. But again, it will be $25 for new subscribers. In both cases, the price will go back up to its normal cost after the first month of subscription expires.

The real thing to note in this Sling TV ad is that the extras are half the price.

Sling prides itself on allowing the consumer to choose the channels they want through the bundles and extras they offer. Instead of paying just $70 a month with fuboTV or YouTube TV, Sling may charge less, but there’s less content. Of course, this is not a problem if the user only watches selected channels. So Sling offering half the price on extras can be very helpful, especially if you’re a cord cutter looking to see what Sling has to offer.


Watch Sling 50% off

Includes: Sports, entertainment, news and more


Sling is half price this month

There are no changes to the content that Sling offers to subscribers. Instead, this is a way for people to take a look at what Sling has to offer. To be fair, not all of these additions suit everyone’s interests over what they see.

Some people only watch sports. Plus, many soccer fans immerse themselves in the game enough that it’s pretty much everything they watch on TV. That said, many of the packages, including the full TV deal, cater to the whole family. Whether it’s entertainment, news, other sports, or anything in between, Sling has an option available to subscribers.

additional sports

The sports channels offered in the Sling add-on depend on whether or not Sling Orange or Blue is your base plan. Channels include networks specific to certain professional leagues in the United States, as well as college sports conferences.

However, for the football fan, the big inclusion in both is beIN SPORTS. beIN has exclusive coverage in the United States for the French Ligue Un, the CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores and various African club competitions. It is a great advantage to have to watch some of the most competitive competitions.

This plugin costs an additional $11 per month. Now, it costs $5.50 for the first month.

other extras

The other six extras are the same price: $6. However, since Sling is half price for the first month, each of the add-ons is only $3 for new subscribers.

You can save even more than that in the first month. As stated above, the ‘Total TV Deal’ includes all extras. Its usual cost is $21 per month. However, in this first month offer, that price is only $10.50. Sling puts that valuation at $45, so that’s less than a quarter of what it’s ‘worth’. Although, it’s only half the price.

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