Football teams in Sheffield face ‘strongest possible’ punishment for playing after Queen’s death

A Sheffield-based amateur Sunday league football team will be investigated because they played a friendly match after the Queen’s death.

Sheffield International FC took to Twitter ahead of their scheduled match against Byron House to inform fans that the competitive match had been changed to a friendly. However, shortly before the game went ahead, the team released another update saying: “Someone has ratted us out, so now even the friendly is cancelled.”

The team then added that the friendly match had been changed to an open training session and “if it is cancelled, we will have a rugby match as it is considered respectful enough.”

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On the day of the training session, which was the weekend after Queen Elizabeth II passed away, Sheffield International FC provided another update on Twitter that read: “Fools. Everyone has shown up in their party uniform”.

A few minutes later, an image was posted showing Sheffield International FC shaking hands with their opponents and a caption reading: “Oh wow! Byron House has arrived! You want to see them here!

Following the team’s decision to play, the Sheffield and District Fair Play League condemned the “disrespectful and despicable behaviour”.

A statement said: “There will be an investigation into this matter, in conjunction with the Sheffield County and Hallamshire FA, and these two teams will be dealt with in the strongest possible terms.”

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