Floyd Mayweather bodyguard gets huge undercard bout advantage

Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard Ray Sadeghi will get a big advantage against a lightweight kickboxer at RIZIN 38.

Sadeghi, last seen pushing Mayweather’s opponent back in a matchup, will now compete in a fight on the undercard.

Floyd Mayweather

Promoter and part-time fighter Mayweather challenged anyone involved with RIZIN to face Sadeghi, known as “Jizzy Mack,” among his friends.

Koji Tanaka walked up to the plate. However, the boxer will give away more than seventy pounds of weight for the stand-up competition against a valued member of Mayweather’s team.

Jizzy is a constant by Mayweather’s side and has been with his boss through thick and thin over the years. A fight has finally come to fruition for Sadeghi on a high-profile bill.

Posting on social media, Mack looks in tremendous shape and should have too much for the 135-pound star.

Ironically, Tanaka lost on points to Mayweather’s former opponent, Tenshin Nasukawa, in 2020. At the same time, Mayweather eliminated Tenshin in one round.

Ray Sadeghi – The Brixx Brothers

Sadeghi practiced Brazilian jiu-jitsu and boxing and told WBN that the elements of fitness and health have always played an important role in his life.

He also has a degree in dentistry and completed his medical studies soon after.

Despite adverse reports when Sadegih pushed Asakura, her motto is “giving back to the health community is a no-brainer.”

Part of The Brixx Brothers alongside Greg La Rosa, the pair affectionately call themselves “Juicehead Turkeys.”

La Rosa previously told World Boxing News part of his mission statement.

“Our goal is to help create progress and options for all people in the health community,” says La Rosa. “We want to help people overcome illness and give everyone the opportunity to live a healthier life.

“There is so much bad advice out there. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to get muscles. You can get muscle naturally,” he added.


Mayweather headlines the September 25 Pay Per View card against Mikuru Asakura after facing Conor McGregor, Nasukawa and Logan Paul in exhibition contests.

The Las Vegas-based Hall of Famer fights outside of the United States once again as he travels to Japan for the second time on PPV.

If he proves the winner, as expected, Mayweather could move one to fight Deji in Dubai this November, ignoring all calls to fight Logan’s brother Jake Paul.

Despite the constant ties, a possible exhibition or even a full rematch with Manny Pacquiao still drags on for Mayweather.

WBN editor Phil Jay has over ten years of boxing news experience. He follows WBN on Facebook @officialworldboxingnews and Twitter @worldboxingnews.

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