Canelo Says He Wanted Bivol Rematch But Contracted To Golovkin

By Brian Webber: Canelo Alvarez says he had planned to fight an immediate rematch with Dmitry Bivol in September, but had to take Gennadiy Golovkin’s contest because he was under contract to face him next.

(Photo credit: Matchroom Boxing)

Canelo (57-2-2, 39 KOs) revealed that he still might not fight Bivol, as the rematch hinges on whether he wins his next fight against Gilberto ‘Zurdo’ Ramirez.

Interestingly, Canelo has already gone on record that he won’t fight Ramirez if he wins because he doesn’t want to fight Mexican fighters. What this means is that Canelo will be able to stray into risky fights against Bivol and Ramirez if things go his way.

Some boxing fans and members of the media are understandably skeptical that Canelo ever intends to fight Bivol again after the way he pummeled him last May. The fact that Canelo has put a condition on the rematch by saying that Bivol must beat Zurdo Ramirez is a sign to some that he doesn’t want to engage in a second fight with him.

“I was really looking forward to the rematch. [with Dmitry Bivol] in September, but Eddie said we have a contract to fight Golovkin in September, and we need to make that fight,” said Canelo Alvarez on why he didn’t fight an immediate rematch with Dmitry Bivol.

Canelo got a little testy during the media briefing, as he snapped at a Yahoo reporter when he asked a question before he had time to finish answering the previous one about why he didn’t fight an immediate rematch with Bivol instead. elect Golovkin. .

“That’s why I’m here, and I’m happy. He really wanted to, but my team and I decided to fight Golovkin. I think we need to see what happens in that fight first,” Canelo said of Bivol’s Nov. 5 fight against Gilberto ‘Zurdo’ Ramirez.

“I want Zurdo Ramírez to win. We’ll see. I am 100% focused on this fight, and then we will see. I always feel the good vibe that comes from the Mexican people when he gets in the ring.

“I think Golovkin is already a made fighter. He has done what he has always done, and that is what has always existed. I think he will find and do whatever he wants,” Canelo said.

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