Beren Cross urges Jesse Marsch to drop Leeds defender for upcoming matches

Leeds journalist Beren Cross believes that Jesse Marsch should pull the trigger and leave Diego Llorente for the next few games.

Cross believes captain Liam Cooper should start against Nottingham Forest next week, with Llorente leading the way for him.

The 29-year-old had a poor showing at Brentford this weekend, where Leeds conceded five goals in a tough defeat.

He said: “The fifth goal is simply the worst of all. Trying to crawl back into his own defensive third with Wissa two or three yards from him. And they just take the ball away from him and go off and score a fifth goal, really abysmal.

“And with captain Liam Cooper on the bench now, I think it’s pretty obvious what needs to happen in nine days’ time against Nottingham Forest.

“I think Cooper certainly has to come back in that game. Even if Marsch is looking on the bright side and believing in Llorente to turn him around, his confidence must be in tatters and I think you have to get him out of the line of fire, almost, at this rate.”

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